The experience of thirty years of treating families and their needs, parenthood and elderly care-taking have exposed me to the varied needs of the family group and the needs of it's individuals.

Chiropractic healthcare has proven to be an important component in the daily healthcare of the family. 

Elderly or people in a weakened or compromised condition need a gentle approach with no sudden movements or loud sounds. Non force techniques prove effective and insure patient confidence.

Infants and children can experience traumas just as adults do. Starting with possible birth trauma, falls, accidents, and the stress of everyday life affect our children and can contribute to physical, chemical and emotional issues.

The beauty of today's chiropractic care is that the most advanced and unique techniques can be applied according to diagnostic considerations and patient preference. Individualizing the treatment plan and considering the special needs of each age group is the goal.


Work and Play

Chiropractic for Injury - Acute and Maintenance Care

Work and sports injuries may have different circumstances but the results can be similar. We can experience pain, inflammation and swelling affecting work and lifestyle.  Acute injuries can turn into chronic lifestyle changing events if untreated. 

All cells of the body receive electrical impulses from the nervous system, the brain , spine, and peripheral nerves. The spinal vertebrae and cranial bones surround the brain and cord and muscles attached to all these bones torque and twist and pull the spine affecting fluid flow through out the spinal canal. 

This can lead to individual vertebrae to slightly out of position, or subluxated. This leads to muscle spasm and local nerve irritation that can become overwhelming. We experience this if we have low back and sciatica, neck pain and hand numbers, or spasm of the temperomandibular.

Interestingly enough, anytime we feel threatened, it evokes such a deep response, our body takes a defensive posture whether we feel it or not. It could be a call from your mother-in-law, too much coffee, or an accident that forced your body to compensate for the insult.

Diet and Nutrition

One of the single most important ways we can safeguard our health is to maintain a healthy diet. There is no one perfect diet for everyone.  Many of todays foods do not have the nutritional value they offered to prior generations. Besides regulation of body temperature, food intake, digestion, assimilation, and elimination are the next biggest work loads for the body. Research has shown that avoiding large amounts of food is beneficial and contributes to longevity as well as slowing the aging process. With those two thoughts in mind we can deduce that we must include the use of high quality supplements to give our metabolism the materials it needs to carry out normal function as well as to rebuild, repair and revitalize. 

Nutritional advice and dietary consults are available.

Healthcare Consultations

Implementing the plethora of information that we are exposed to from science journals, nutrition books, the daily media, and even other people's personal experiences can leave us confused and disillusioned. Without guidance it can be difficult to integrate diet, exercise, supplements, herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, and allopathic medicine into a successful life program.

Many of us can use the same basic guidelines that relate to the quality of the foods and supplements we use. We then need to fine tune this information. We might do this by knowing our blood type, adrenal function testing, symptom patterns, and even relating to how we were raised and understanding what our expectation of food is in our life. 

Understanding the role of exercise and physical stimulation and just as important, the role of rest and relaxation to promote mental, emotional, and spiritual rejuvenation in our life is vital. There are roles for strength training, Tai Chi Chuan, Yoga, Pilates, aerobics, endurance training, there are more.